The first quarter employee meeting in 2021 was successfully held

At 3:50 pm on April 29, 2021, the first quarter employee meeting was successfully held in the company's conference room. The meeting was presided over by General Manager Liu Hua. CEO Pu Hongyou attended the meeting and addressed an important speech. The purpose of this conference is to summarize the company's current operating conditions, issues that should be paid attention to by various departments, and put forward new requirements and prospects for the company's future development.


General Manager Liu Hua summarized the first quarter from three aspects. The first is the analysis of operating data. In the first quarter of 2021, the import and export volume was US$37,110,700, an increase of 52.39% over the same period last year, and fulfilled 20.965% of the target. Sales revenue was 151 million yuan, an increase of 57.24% over the same period last year, and 21% of the quality target was achieved. Next is the issue that all departments should pay attention to. Mr. Liu used e-commerce signing fraud incidents to illustrate the importance of establishing a sense of risk control firstly. Then Mr. Liu pointed out the problem of work efficiency of various functional departments and talked about the importance of maintaining work initiative. Mr. Liu emphasized that reducing expenditure is a long-term concern for the company, and special attention should be paid to the balance of input and output. Finally, Mr. Liu put forward the concept of "diligence can make up for the poor". As an import and export company, It means that we should do our best to provide each customer with professional, efficient and high-quality services.


Then Chairman Pu Hongyou addressed an important speech. First and foremost, chairman Pu pointed out that under the background of the One Belt One Road policy and the domestic and overseas fierce competition, the company should seize various trade opportunities and implement field changes in line with the trend of the times. Secondly, Chairman Pu summed up the importance of establishing overseas warehouses, finding high-quality sources, and using a mature marketing system. In the end, Pu Dong emphasized that young people should carry forward the pioneering spirit of daring to get into new filed, actively learn all kinds of new knowledge, and actively propose their own unique opinions to the company to stimulate organizational vitality.