Monorail turnout

Scientific research services:
Import and export service provider of Scientific Research Institute
Improve the utilization efficiency of special funds related to scientific research institutes
Reduce the purchase cost of related equipment in scientific research institutes

Medical services:
Equipment supply chain management of various medical institutions
Rich medical equipment resources, professional medical equipment import management team
Provide various medical institutions with a series of high-quality services such as equipment selection, risk control, logistics, inventory and related medical equipment

Enterprise services:
Partners of various entities
Solve a series of professional needs of various production equipment, raw materials, technology, etc
Expand overseas sales and promotion channels

Featured services:
1. One stop import agency service
2. Leasing import and export services of new and old mechanical and electrical equipment for foreign engineering projects
3. Claim service for maintenance and exchange of imported equipment
4. Import and export services of materials for foreign contracted projects
5. Domestic and foreign hospital agent construction services
6. Foreign aid project services
7. Dangerous goods import service

Core products:
1. Scientific research instruments
2. Medical equipment
3. Electromechanical equipment
Machining center, turnout, automatic production line, professional elevator

4. Dangerous chemicals (waterproof materials)

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