Zinc concentrate

Zinc concentrate is generally produced from lead-zinc ore or zinc-bearing ore through crushing, ball milling, flotation and other processes to achieve national standards with high zinc content.

Zinc is a commonly used non-ferrous metal. It is the latest one of seven kinds of non-ferrous metals such as copper, tin, lead, gold, silver, mercury, and zinc. The metal zinc has a blue-white color, a hardness of 2.0, a melting point of 419.5 , and a boiling point. 911 , when heated to 100 150 , it has good compressibility, and the specific gravity after calendering is 7.19. Zinc can be alloyed with a variety of non-ferrous metals, the most important of which is zinc and brass composed of copper, tin, lead, etc. It can also be composed of aluminum, magnesium, copper and other die-cast alloys. Zinc is mainly used in steel, metallurgy, machinery, electrical, chemical, light industry, military and pharmaceutical fields.

Zinc concentrate is the main raw material for producing metallic zinc and zinc compounds. Zinc metal is mainly used to produce copper alloys, lead alloys, magnesium alloys, lead-zinc alloys and zinc compounds for steel, metallurgy, machinery, electrical, chemical, light industry, military and pharmaceutical fields.

The Metal and Minerals Department mainly operates business in non-ferrous metals field. The non-ferrous metals trade consists of purchase of lead ore, lead concentrate, zinc ore, zinc concentrate, lead-zinc mixed ore, nickel matte, etc. directly from foreign mines. The cargo will be destined to Lianyungang ,Fang cheng., Huangpu, and some other China main ports, and then sold to leading smelters or trading companies in China.

With over two decades of experience in non-ferrous metals field, we have conducted close cooperation with many large overseas mines in  Nigeria, Turkey, Morocco, etc.,which enables us to get first-hand cargo of premium quality. Meanwhile, we have also maintained decades of good business relation with dozens of leading domestic smelting plants and trading companies in China. If there is a willingness to cooperate with us.

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